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About LogisLift

We're an independent supplier and service provider for highly optimised materials handling equipment and integrated warehouse systems serving Watford and surrounding areas.

Our Trucks

Very Narrow Aisle
Every high bay rack is different: Thanks to the modular design of the STILL VNA trucks, we have an individual answer to any application.
Reach Trucks
With a lift height of 13 metres and the ability to lift up to 1,000kg, our reach trucks can handle anything.
High/Med Level Order Pickers
LogisLift offers you a broad range of innovative horizontal and vertical order pickers, that allow you to solve any task efficiently.
Low Level Order Pickers
Experience our new all-round horizontal order picker for maximum turnover performance.
Pallet Stackers
With the LogisLift high lift stackers you will always have both hands on the organisation of your warehouse.
Pallet Trucks
The compact electric low lift pallet trucks from LogisLift get your horizontal load transport moving.
Counterbalance Trucks
Benefit from innovations that coin the industry, emission free propulsion and performance that is at eye level with diesel trucks - at substantially lower maintenance costs.