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Introducing the MX-X and GX-X VNA Trucks

Individuality and functionality for top requirements: With the STILL VNA trucks MX-X and GX-Q, you access both sides of the aisle in your high bay warehouse without having to turn the truck around - top performance in narrow aisles. And the trucks do not only lift the forks but also the cabin with flexible configurations up to a storage height of over 18 meters. This way these very narrow aisle trucks allow to order pick individual articles manually as well as storing and retrieving complete pallets.

Truck Details

  • check markOptimum use of storage space

    18-metres lift height and highest residual load capacity

  • check markFast storage and retrieval

    Active load stabilisation (ALS) to reduce mast oscillations

  • check markMaximum possible working comfort

    Spacious and flexibly adjustbale driver’s cabin

  • check markMaximum travel speeds

    Active Floor Compensation (AFC) compensates for uneven ground

MX-X Man-up VNA Truck
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Driving speeds of up to 14 km/h, a lift height of up to 18 metres and the highest residual load capacity on the market make the MX-X a turnover champion in highly compacted warehouse worlds. Whilst the active load stabilisation (ALS) notably shortens storage and retrieval processes by up to 5 %, the mechanism of the turret head promises even shorter picking distances.

Thanks to the fully welded auxiliary lift, the MX-X scores with maximum stability throughout its service life. The STILL MX-X high bay order pickers can be individually configured according to your requirements and will thrill you with their excellent functionality.

  • check markPowerful

    Rugged mast with up to 1.3 tonnes load capacity.

    Optional triple mast with free lift to pass under girders, doorways or parts of the building.

  • check markPrecision

    Electric steering, directly with a gear wheel acting on the drive, for easy, sensitive positioning.

    Free roaming, mechanically- or wire-guided in the rack aisle, with automatic straight-ahead positioning of the steered drive wheel and contactless aisle recognition.

  • check markErgonomic

    Comfort tilt seat with individual adjustments to the weight and body size of the driver.

    Neck-protecting posture for good visibility of the lifted goods and sideways past the mast thanks to unique tilting technology.

  • check markCompact

    Ideal for confined spaces: compact truck dimensions allow narrow aisle widths.

    Scalable dimensions can be individually adapted to each warehouse.

  • check markEnvironmentally Responsibile

    Battery management for high battery stability, optimum current consumption and avoidance of peak currents.

  • check markSafe

    Automatic cut-offs for lift and various driving functions.

    Integrated, mobile personal protection system and additional brake system for the load wheels.

MX-X Man-up VNA Truck
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The GX-X / GX-Q order picking stacker trucks with turret head / telescopic fork offer smart functions and a driver's cab designed to the best ergonomic standards. With a load capacity of over 1.3 tonnes and a lift height of well over 7.5 metres, they can be used flexibly in any warehouse. Due to the very small dimensions and the turret head and the telescopic forks, almost all the space in the warehouse can be optimally used.

The good performance data and optimum technical design of the GX-X / GX-Q are only fully exploited by OPTISPEED 3.x. This future-oriented control concept adjusts the driving characteristics to the application profile and thus makes work even more efficient. The driver is assisted by the spacious workspace with adjustable controls and spacious legroom. Various options such as a cushioned driver's seat or proportional seat and foot plate adjustment provide maximum comfort.