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The pace of demand from your customers is high. This means you have to keep a high quantity of materials and goods at close hand. Narrow aisle racking systems create space for this. With great height and narrow width, they make optimum use of the available space. Moreover, storage and retrieval requires a high degree of precision and concentration. A high handling performance can therefore only be achieved if the operator is supported by vehicles that allow safe, fast and ergonomically comfortable work.

LogisLift Warehouse VNA Systems

VNA Systems

Reliant work environment

LogisLift VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) vehicles is characterised by a high degree of variety. Thanks to their modular design, the perfect vehicle can be configured for every conceivable application. Our expert system consultants support you here with specially developed software tools.

  • Safe.
    Reliable systems help to protect machinery, goods and people and to adapt vehicle speed to the working situation at hand.
  • Ergonomic.
    Spacious cabin concepts with individual control panels along with optimised visibility and access to racks and load.
  • High Performance.
    Individually customised equipment and innovative assistance systems such as Active Floor Compensation (AFC) or iGo pilot optimise driving behaviour, guarantee error-free navigation and warn in case of hazards.
LogisLift VNA systems